Who We Are

About Us

Krystal Cameron Designs is a company formed in the spirit of entrepreneurship. We have worked with varied clients throughout our career such as Development Bank of Jamaica, Consumer Affairs Commission, Cari-Med Ltd and Scotiabank Jamaica. We especially enjoy the challenge of working on publications: annual reports, magazines, catalogues, etc. In consideration of our clients, we provide extremely competitive project rates for design on our productions.

Customer Charter - We promise to submit the first draft of your book design in 5-7 days and complete edits with 48 hours.

Krystal Cameron


Do you want your artwork designed by a graphic artist who ensures your information looks good and is also error-free? If you answered YES, then you need to call Krystal Cameron to experience: Graphic Design, Web Design, Proof Reading, Pagination, and Editing.

We design your document with consideration for all the elements. We strategize the best way possible to present all text, images, and colours for communicating your message with maximum impact.

Before we start the design process, we proofread your document for errors and make suggestions on how to improve the accuracy of your message.

We take on every job like it is our only job, and give it lots of TLC!

Our Story

Krystal Cameron Designs arose from my need to swim in the midst of a drowning job market. While pursuing my BA in Library and Information Studies at The University of the West Indies, I was less than thrilled with the work prospects available to young adults.

I ventured out on my own because I knew corporate Jamaica would embrace an entrepreneur with my Krystal Difference: creative flair, passion and commitment to accuracy in design.

My Experiences

Adobe Bridge 90%
Adobe photoshop 80%
Adobe InDesign 100%
Adobe illustration 70%
Creativity 100%
Interpersonal 90%

Krystal Cameron

Graphic Designer/Press Operator

I was 11 when I fell in love with Graphic Design and this relationship still continues. My first Design was a flyer for my father’s business (Shades Night Club in Ocha Rios), he was very impressed with the artwork and thought it was tasteful, clean, and modern. Father, was my first client and still continues to take advantage of my talents for design and print. I used those talents to win Ocha Rios High School’s Yearbook Cover Design competition 2 years later. When I look back at my early work, I can’t believe they were made by my hands, some aspects of my style have changed completely and others have evolved. Krystal Cameron Designs tries to make modern, creative, simple and timeless artwork.



2013 Library and Information Studies

CAPE: Sociology Unit 1, Sociology Unit 2
A Level (Cambridge Advanced Studies): Psychology

CXC (Technical Proficiency): Information Technology CXC (General Proficiency): 9 Subjects

Service Description

Krystal Cameron Designs are seasoned creatives who have mastered the art of using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign to visually interpret a message to graphically and powerfully communicate your brand or a company by way of text,  images, and typography to convey a message that commands the attention of customers and stakeholders.

In today’s business arena, whether government or corporate, it’s commonplace to use visual mediums including a poster, a letter, a logo, a magazine, a branded novelty, or even a digital post to target and send messages and campaigns to convey information about product and services to clients in order to announce, sell, amuse, persuade, explain or demonstrate a product. 

We Can Help…KCD Makes Graphic Design as easy as 123!

Service Description

Krystal Cameron Designs are publishers whose niche book designs. We provide a complete range of services from report writing, photography, layout, and printing. KCD caters to the demand of corporate companies and government agencies who have a reporting mandate to paginate and publish an annual report. We also offer a special self-publishers support service to help individuals, authors and publishers professionally design and distribute their works.

In today’s publishing climate, publishing now entails printing as well as digital dissemination of content. As knowledge abounds it must be accessible to the broader audience via varied web media platforms designed to simplify information sharing globally. KCD has kept pace with the trends and is very ‘E-Savvy’ in designing for compatible distribution on various platforms including websites, Amazon, Instagram, e-magazines, and e-newsletters. If beautiful BOOK DESIGNS designed with Adobe Indesign is your desire then talking to KC Designs is a MUST DO.

We Can Help…KCD Makes Publishing as easy as 123!

Service Description

Krystal Cameron Designs are branders who manufacture as well as supply various branded novelties such as canvas bags, diaries, pens, Keyrings, hats, umbrellas, Water Bottles, and Gadgets.

Branding is now the buzz language of today’s corporate client who wants to put their mark on any and everything to stay current in the mind of customers. KCD keeps pace with branding trends, be it digital ads of 3D product messages or physical items including novelties, gifts, and other tokens. Branded Novelties impart a sense of gratitude, community, and social responsibility to customers, KCD has the experience and the eye to stamp your brand in a professional way that represents the image of your brand.

We Can Help…KCD Makes Branding as Easy as 123!

Service Description

Krystal Cameron Designs offers various forms of printing to transform clients’ ideas into hard copies such as business cards and corporate stationery, magazines and annual reports, signs, and banners, branded uniforms, branded novelties, labels and stickers, calendars, diaries and planners, and wedding stationery, etc.

We have over 40 combined years of experience in design setup for all types of commercial Print processes such as offset, large format, flexographic, and screen printing. Our docu-center offers digital printing, photocopying, scanning, and laminating services.

Printing has come a long way since the fifteenth century when it was typically ink on paper. Today printing has expanded to printing on all kinds of mediums including branding on vehicles, uniforms, novelties, Buildings, and much more! 

We Can Help…KCD Makes Printing as Easy as 123!